Helping Patients with New Pain Management Center in Bloomfield NJ

Chronic pain is a life changer, whether it is due to a sports injury, another other type of injury or the aging process. Pain that lasts weeks, months and sometimes even years affects a person’s ability to reach work goals, enjoy leisure time or accomplish everyday tasks. The medical experts at ACES Premier Orthopaedics know this, so an interventional pain management center was recently added to their Bloomfield office. Located at 1255 Broad Street, the Spine & Pain Center was opened to meet the fluctuating needs of the medical environment with a conservative treatment approach.

“Interventional pain management is an incredible specialty right now,” says Mary Ellen Redding, marketing director at ACES Premier Orthopaedics. Redding has been an integral part of the administration area of the practice for 15 years. “This is answering a need for more specialized medicine.”

ACES Premier Orthopaedics was started in the mid-1990s by Dr. Howard Baruch in Bergen County. Since opening, Dr. Baruch has expanded the practice to include five offices in Bloomfield, Cliffside Park, Paramus, Union City and Manhattan. Each office includes a staff of board certified doctors and physician assistants. ACES provides patients with care in musculoskeletal problems, joint pain, sports injuries and orthopedic conditions of the hands and feet.

In the Bloomfield office, patients can be reassured that every approach to controlling and alleviating chronic pain will be considered before one of the physicians recommends a surgical solution. As a multi-specialty orthopedic pain management group, treatments such as plasma therapy, epidural injections and spinal cord stimulation are investigated as the first steps in patient treatment.

“All the doctors are very conservative,” Redding explains. “They will exhaust every avenue of conservative treatment before surgery.”

Open since late last summer, the Spine & Pain Center is seeing an increasing number of patients that are suffering from both acute and chronic pain. The practice may see more than 500 patients per week, but at every office, patient care is always the number one priority. In addition to the staff of doctors and physician assistants, there is a management team in place to coordinate the 80 employees throughout the five locations.

“When patients call for an appointment, they always get in to see a doctor in a timely manner,” Redding says. “Even if they see physician assistants, the physician assistants do not see patients on their own. The doctors believe that patients should always see them, even if it’s at the end of the office visit with a PA or a post-op visit.”

The Spine & Pain Center in Bloomfield is at the same location as the surgery center. With the opening of the pain management center and another office to be opened in Englewood early next year, Redding said more staff will be necessary. Four additional physicians will be joining the practice by the end of this year as well as two more PAs to ensure that patients continue to receive excellent orthopedic care.

“I cannot emphasize enough just how much our doctors and staff are concerned about our patients.”

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