Spine Surgery In Northern New Jersey With Aces Premier Orthopedics

If you are looking for a highly qualified spine surgery center in northern New Jersey, then the Athletic Center of Excellence and Sports Medicine (ACES) Premier Orthopaedics is the best choice. Our doctors are board-certified, expertly trained, and highly experienced. They will help get you back on your feet faster after a spinal injury.

We offer skilled orthopedics services for all manner of injuries, including injuries that affect the spine. Our doctors are specially trained to deal with a plethora of orthopedic problems, and they are passionate about the services they offer; ensuring that you get the best care possible.

We understand that spinal surgery is a serious decision and that patients have many questions about their condition and the plan of treatment that is recommended. Our surgeons and doctors will take the needed time to speak with you to ensure that you understand everything about your condition, the treatment options including any needed procedures. They will explain the risks, and the benefits involved.  Our doctors will make sure that you feel confident, informed, and secure in any decision that you make.

Spinal and orthopedic surgery center in Northern NJ


spinal surgery and orthopedic center in Northern NJOur spinal surgery center in Northern NJ is one of the most highly regarded, and we are proud of our excellent staff and doctors who are driven and meticulous at providing the best in spinal care.

Surgery is an option that is considered if other alternative treatments are ineffective. Our expert team of doctors will create a treatment plan that is best for your condition and is as minimally invasive as possible, with little to no scarring, quick recovery time, and a reduction in the amount of surgical trauma to the area being treated.


Some of the Spinal Surgeries We Offer

Spinal Fusion
This is a procedure that involves permanently fusing two vertebrae.

Anterior Spinal Fusion
This procedure is similar to Spinal Fusion, except it leaves less of a scar on the patient and allows for more flexibility of the area after surgery. However, there are only a select number of areas this can be used on.

Lumbar Decompression
This surgery involves relieving pressure on the nerve by removing a small section of the bone that is pinching your nerve. It also allows the nerve more room so it may heal.

Our team of orthopedists and medically trained staff will work hard to ensure that you are back on your feet and permanently relieved of pain after your surgery. Our doctors are not only the best in the industry but, are also passionate about what they do.

For the best back and spine treatment in Northern NJ, consider Aces Premier Orthopaedics.

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